A Whole New World - The Wonderful World of Generalists

As per the article accurately written by Alicia Cressall on Modus titled "The Power of Being a Generalist", those considered a jack of all trades or generalists are now seen as one of the most important within many industries in today's new world - a world where covid19 and the economic crisis are the hot topic every day making anyone nauseous and overwhelmed bursting for a sense of "normality". Unfortunately, what was once considered "normal" how now changed in a dramatic way people and businesses are still treading water to find their feet almost a year later.

Have a read of what Alicia says in her article. I myself am a Hybrid aka Generalist of 10+ years and surviving in this new world has been much easier for me than most due to my varied skill set and approach.

"We’re not superstars — and that’s okay

This might seem like an oxymoron, but the very fact that we generalists aren’t superstars is one of our superpowers. Superstars are specialists, people who stand out in one particular specialty — they are the people easily seen and noticed. There is nothing wrong with being a superstar, but there are aspects of being a generalist that give us advantages over specialists.

We speak your language

Generalists are always learning new things, which means there’s a greater chance we have dabbled in your specialty and can understand what you do and what is required for your job. At the same time, we know we’re not the experts — you are. The best generalists know that they are generalists, meaning we know when we need to hand over the reins to someone with deeper knowledge.

We leave our egos at the door

As people who are always learning and adding to our skillset, we know that we don’t know everything. That means we’re willing to take feedback and we often actively seek it. We always want to improve, and to do that successfully we need to do our best to keep our egos out of the way. We can’t improve if we already think we’re the best. There will always be know-it-alls, but a true generalist always knows there is more to learn."

Generalists are in a unique position to help specialists better understand each other. Because we are curious about different specialties, we can speak to different groups of people and understand their perspectives. This helps us to always see the big picture, allowing everyone to work together more cohesively."

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